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Village Hall closed until further notice

16th March 2020. Regrettably, our Village Hall is closed until further notice because of ‘that’ virus. Events in the hall detailed elsewhere on this web site will not take place. For events taking place in other locations, please contact the organisers direct for the latest information.

The Trevors’ Big Adventure

On an overcast day in early autumn, the Trevors and Trevorettes set forth on their biggest adventure to date. There was much celebration in the street by Donkey Lane as, first the Trevorettes and then the Trevors were waived off on their arduous journey to Aberdovey, turning their backs on comfort and heading off into …

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Malta: On the Buses

Malta is a relatively small island, about 16 miles long (including Gozo) and 9 at its widest, but it has quite a large population for its size, around 450,000. Perhaps because of this density of people, a most amazing bus service has developed over the years and one of the joys of visiting Malta is …

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Alderney: Fortress Island

Alderney is only a small island, approximately three miles long and a mile and an half wide, but it is crammed with fortifications. The earliest is a Roman fort / trading post at Longis Bay which subsequently became a nunnery, German gun emplacement and private house amongst other incarnations. At the end of the first …

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Alderney: The Airport

Alderney Airport is a delight. The control tower does actually look like a control tower, except one in miniature. The terminal appears to be two portakabins bolted together that have somehow grown into the ground. Inside there is the Aurigny check-in desk, about five feet long with a set of enormous and ancient Avery scales …

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Alderney: Joey for Ever

Most northerly of the Channel Islands, Alderney has a feel about it of remoteness, isolation and languid adventure. Unless you are the owner of a yacht, virtually the only way to get there is by air and even that is an exciting experience. Until very recently the aeroplanes used, the Brtitten-Norman Trislander, had a passing …

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The Temeside Loop

Rumour had it that the Temeside had reopened. In fact, more than rumour as T1 had felt it his bounden duty to attend the first evening’s opening of the doors and so could provide a first-hand report. The Temeside has a special place in the heart of every Trevor and Trevorette. It was our very …

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Vote of Censure (Penned in April)

Spring is well and truly here. The long, dark days of inclement weather and feint heart induced cancellations are past and the Trevors can look forward to another fine summer of adventure. And the Spring so far has been so encouraging. Bright, warm days with the most wonderful show of early blossom. The Blackthorn has …

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The Essence of Trevoring

The regular reader (an almost extinct breed) may recall a minor headlamp problem. The seeming frequency of technical issues, at least in these articles and, you may not be surprised to learn, they barely scratch the surface, triggered a reflection on what it is about Trevoring that is so appealing (well, to a Trevor anyway). …

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Trevor in the Dark

You may remember that after an off roading episode across Oldwood Common, T3 successfully completed his annual MOT. A few weeks later, a further trip to The Fountain at Tenbury was attempted, this time by a completely new and longer route via Leysters and a loop further southwards to Bockleton and then back to Oldwood …

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