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Nov 03

October 2018

Another enjoyable season is coming to an end and what an extraordinary period it has been. We sometimes have to cancel bowling, during persistent rain, but, this was the first year when, we have cancelled a bowling session because it was too hot. “ Wimps “ I hear you cry, but, although we are very …

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Aug 02

July 2018

Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday 2.00pm, Wednesday 7.00pm. All welcome. No equipment needed. Please wear flat soft shoes. Mick Carson 831507

Apr 01

Bowls Club Mar 2018

There is the usual excitement in the Village that accompanies the start of the bowls season. Winter training schedules are being intensified and the Tuesday morning fitness sessions, in the Village Hall, have benefited from an influx of bowlers, anxious to be in peak condition by then. We are planning to start bowling at 2pm …

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Nov 18

November 2017

The AGM took place on 27th September in a very sombre mood. The Captain, having spoken to Ruth Johnson that morning, updated the members on the condition of Norman’s health, that being that he was comfortable although gravely ill. All present expressed their concern and extended their best wishes to Ruth and Norman. Sadly Norman …

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Oct 16

October 2016

This seasons competitions have now been completed; George Griffiths won the singles cup. Mike Whitworth and myself won the doubles, or to be more accu-rate, Mike Whitworth won the doubles with very little help from me. The Hunting-ton trio, Betty Meredith, Don Morris and Mike Whitworth won the triples, they will say by skill and …

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Jun 11

Bowls Club – Foul Deed

Many thanks to Mike Whitworth and George Griffiths for their help in preparing the green for the new season. We spent many hours spraying to kill the moss, which had thrived in the mild wet winter, and then pressure washing the carpet to remove the remaining debris. It was particularly galling, therefore, to arrive on …

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Feb 22

Mar 2016 – The new season

Many of you will have walked or driven past the Village Hall, on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, and seen some of the members of the Bowls Club totally absorbed in their friendly rivalry and banter, oblivious to the rest of the world, all their trials and tribulations forgotten for a while. If you have, you …

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Nov 26

Dec 2015

Ruth Johnson has retired as Captain of the Bowls Club and I, solely because I was the slowest to dive for cover when a replacement was sort, have been elected to succeed her. Ruth has been a member of the Bowls Club for over 10 years, Captain for the last 5 and, ever alert to …

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Oct 22

2015 Results

As the season draws to a close, we can look back on perhaps the most unpredictable ever from the point of view of the weather.   It was not unusual to see members wearing both raincoats and sunhats. Fortunately, our increasingly fragile green survived the winter very well thanks to the attention of Mick Carson and …

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