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Village Hall closed until further notice

16th March 2020. Regrettably, our Village Hall is closed until further notice because of ‘that’ virus. Events in the hall detailed elsewhere on this web site will not take place. For events taking place in other locations, please contact the organisers direct for the latest information.

Are you a tree lover?

Are you fascinated by the extraordinary group of Ancient Yews surrounding St Mary Magdalene’s Church of Ashford Carbonel? The ‘ancients’ are the oldest inhabitants of our community – would you like to join a group of ‘Friends’ who participate in their care and protection? There is no cost, just a little of your time. We …

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Feb 2016

The majority of the world’s ancient yews are in the British Isles and 80-85% of these are in churchyards. Yews are adapted to be one of nature’s great survivors: Yews are attacked by few organisms – all but the flesh of the red berry is poisonous. Almost all yews become hollow after 400-500 years. A …

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Oct 2015

Everyone is welcome on Monday 18th November at 10.30 am to the Installation and Blessing of a Plaque for the Jubilee Yew with the vicar Kelvin Price and Children of Bishop Hooper Primary School who planted the tree last year.

Jerry Ross’s report

We have some good news to report! After getting several quotes from recommended tree specialists for the work specified by Jerry Ross in his recent report* we discovered that it is likely to cost over £1200 (not including £250 we’ll need for a yew leaflet). While this is somewhat daunting news – we are of …

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Yews & Oaks

Blessing of the Memorial Stones marking the positions of the new Yew Tree in the churchyard and also the Victory Oak and the Millennium Oak on the Maypole.   On a typical grey drizzly November morning a group of residents of Ashford Carbonel and several children from the local school gathered in the churchyard for …

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Ancient Yews – protecting the Roots

Thanks so much to all of you who kindly responded to our request to try and avoid parking and driving under the canopy of the Ancient yew by the wall. This will help to support the recovery of the tree and lessen the likelihood of further damage to the roots.

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