Yews & Oaks

Blessing of the Memorial Stones marking the positions of the new Yew Tree in the churchyard and also the Victory Oak and the Millennium Oak on the Maypole.


On a typical grey drizzly November morning a group of residents of Ashford Carbonel and several children from the local school gathered in the churchyard for a blessing of the stone commemorating the planting of the yew tree in 2012 to replace an ancient yew which had died. Poems were read by Matthew Griffiths, one of the children and the vicar, Rev. Kelvin Price, and a blessing was said over the stone.

The party then moved on to the Maypole area where similar stones had been placed to commemorate the Victory Oak which was planted in 1945 ( the original stone has almost disappeared into the trunk of the tree ), and the Millennium Oak planted in 2000, where another blessing was said.

 Yew and Plaque Blessing of the Stone Millenium Yew Stone The Millenium Oak The Old Stone and the New The Victory Oak