Ancient Yews

Yew tree 3Thanks so much to all of you who kindly responded to our request to try and avoid parking and driving under the canopy of the Ancient yew by the wall. This will help to support the recovery of the tree and lessen the likelihood of further damage to the roots.

The proposal to protect the roots of this Ancient Tree is now ready to submit to the Council for permission. The area to be mulched and marked with white painted stones allows enough space for cars and footpath pedestrians to continue to pyew rootass along the fence. The diagram shows the hatched area under the tree. Although this isn’t the optimum solution for the tree it will provide a positive opportunity for de-compaction of soil around the root area. Once we have Council permission for the proposal, the work go ahead in December, with a grant that is offered by the SITA fund, for the Veteran Trees of Shropshire.


If you are new to the village or a visitor, do go and look at the.

Any Ideas or Suggestions? If you would like to join the group please call Jo Tennent (875229). If you can, please contribute towards the long term care of the yews or towards our proposed leaflet – please leave a donation marked “care of Ancient Yews” or “for the Yew leaflet” in the Church.


  • Village update - LATEST UPDATE – November: Here we go again, again! Village Hall shut and not many Church services. Watch this space………!