Ashford Carbonel Park Run!

Ashford Carbonel Park Run! Walk /Stroll/ Amble… a few of us are taking part in our own version of the Parkrun. (Original definition – see below) This will take place every Saturday morning at 9.00 a.m. around the Village Hall Sports Field as many times as you fancy.The idea being to gel ?t in 2019!
It doesn‘t have to be a run, it can be a walk at whatever pace you fancy.
If you’d like to join us (at your own risk) – see you next Saturday!

Parkrun (stytised as parkrun) is a collection of ?ve-kilometre (3.1 mite)
running events that take place every Saturday morning at over 1,400
locations in twenty three countries across five continents. Parkrun events are
free to enter: The runs are inclusive, anyone can take part. from pensioners to
parents with their children.

April 2019

We now move onto our Summer programme, visiting gardens within our “Shires”. On Wednesday 19th June is a must if you have not been before to Lower Hope Estate Ullingswick just beyond Leominster on the Gloucester road. This outstanding 5 acre gar-den with IMPECCABLE lawns with herbaceous borders, rose and white gardens, laburnum tunnel and a recently added Japanese garden …it has everything …one thing we cannot arrange is the weather ! Afternoon teas will be served – for members and of course visitors the price is £10.00, non members £11.00 . We will travel by car meeting at the Eco Park in Ludlow at 1:00pm (10p per mile to the driver). Deadline date for reserving a place is 29th May . Any further information call Susannah 01584 711006

April 2019

Summer is definitely on its way. A bright and sunny afternoon, although a little chilly in the Spring breeze. Just right for a little crafting and friendly chatter.
Show and Tell had us all drooling over two modular style cushions knitted in variegated yarn in hues of greys and lilac, such a soothing blend of colours; a hand pieced lap quilt with a wow factor was much admired. Hand stitched triangles in shades of green were embellished along the seam lines with hand and machine embroidery, all contained within a double border of toning fabric. Lovely!
Knitting and stitching were both included in the craft work underway today. Instruction was being given to help the creation of a sample of modular knitting which would help inform a future piece of work. Needle punching was a technique new to everyone so we were all intrigued to see how it was done. It’s a technique which would be useful to use should you wish to add texture to embroidery or tapestry work. A lovely palette of colour was being used for embroidery work which included the making of hand embroidered greeting cards. Pattern drafting from an old garment was making good use of the long tables, using sheets of brown wrapping paper to create the pattern. Sewing skills were in evidence in the alteration and adjustment of garments to fit. New garments nearly always need tweaking to give a good and comfortable fit, especially in the hemline of trousers.
Now’s the time to start looking out our warmer weather clothes. Maybe something needs a little adjusting, an odd stitch or two in the hem or a bit of repair work along the seam. And what about that loose button? Don’t push things to the back of the wardrobe. Bring them along and breathe new life into them!
Help is at hand to guide you through any project.
Next meeting: Monday 20 May 2019 (3rd Monday)
2–4pm at Ashford Carbonel village hall. Everyone welcome.
Janice Forsyth 831437

April 2019

Glynnis welcomed us all to the April meeting and said how nice it was to see guest Jane, and ex member Pam.
We went through the business of the evening. Instead of our monthly Produce Stall it was decided, for a change, to ask members to bring their unwanted gifts to sell; well what a varied selection of items had been donated, trade was very brisk and members went home thrilled with their bargains.
In addition to our monthly Friday walk, as from this month the walking group are starting the evening ramble. Jane and her husband have done a recce, a four mile circular walk to the top of Abdon Burf on Brown Clee Hill and then to finish up in one of the local hostelries for supper.
Twelve of our members are going to the Spring meeting in Shrewsbury so I’m sure they will have lots to report.
Ann Tyler has very kindly offered to host the Group Social at her home in Caynham and at the moment she is very busy organising the day.
The ‘speaker’ for the evening was Trixi Field, ‘Singing for Joy’ and Singing for Joy is what we did. Trixi teaches piano and voice. She started the session with voice exercises which sounded rather strange, but we all took a deep breath and persevered with our first song, Moon River. Trixi asked for volunteers to learn the harmony and six ladies took up the challenge. Well we all worked very hard and the final rendition sounded really good, Trixie was very pleased with us and I think we were all rather pleased with ourselves, so much so that our WI are thinking of starting a singing group. It was a most enjoyable hour and although our ‘harmony’ ladies don’t exactly look like they are enjoying themselves in the photo they honestly were but they really did have a lot to learn in a very short time, they were fantastic.
Our next meeting is at Caynham on 8th May and Roy Coles will tell us about The History of Ludlow.

Ashford Carbonel Village Hall and Recreation Field Survey

82 households filled in the forms, thank you.
The Committee are very grateful for all your views and ideas. We are in the process of collating these (it takes time!), a report will be in a later edition of the magazine. But for now ……
As cricket was the most popular activity suggested, we have purchased a Kwik cricket set.
Families would like more events that include them, so we are holding a Family Games Night on Friday May 24th. Weather permitting, games on the field, indoors if wet. All ages welcome – play, watch or cheer for free. Bar open at 6.00.
Volunteers of help for any of our events and activities welcome, no need to be on a committee – unless you want to!
Wendy Griffiths and Katy Rose

Flicks in the Sticks 2019/2020

A big thank you from Clare and I to all those who supported us by attending our last three showings – we had some excellent numbers, and we hope you enjoyed the films as much as we did in the choosing of them!
Another huge thank you from both of us to those who help in the booking and setting up of the hall – and the clearing up afterwards. Your hard work and support is very much appreciated.
We’ve been looking at possible candidates for our Autumn/Winter season for a while and have some ideas. However, if you think of anything you feel might be of interest to the Flicks audience please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone (831574) or email (
See you in October!
Liz and Clare

Stella’s 91st Birthday, Congratulations

Family Pub Night – 24 May

Family Pub night at Ashford Carbonell Village Hall

Bar Open from 6pm

Kwik Cricket
numerous other games

Pizza availabe to buy

Indoors if wet

May 2019

If you have walked past the Village Hall recently, you will have noticed a lot of noise and activity, this is due to the civil works for the extension. What you may not have noticed, behind the hedge, is a group of people, quietly enjoying a game of bowls. The local residents are delighted and have commented that, so far this year, they have not even been aware that the games were being played.
There is a simple answer to this, two of our best but very excitable players are as yet unfit. One, a particularly noisy fellow, is recovering from hip surgery whilst the other, an even more vocal character, and indeed a bit of a ruffian, is suffering from, that most painful condition, sciatica.
We, if not the residents, hope that they will soon be fit enough to join us.
One particular piece of good news is that we have a new recruit and, although he has never bowled before, he seems to have a natural talent for the sport and, more worryingly, could become quite good at it. If you would like to take part in this most enjoyable pastime please come along to any session. Wednesday evening bowls will start on 1st May.

Your Village School needs you!

Could you spare a few hours a week for the next 14 weeks for
a good and amazingly fun cause?
Our village school, Bishop Hooper CE Primary School, is
looking to enter the Richards Castle Soapbox Derby on Sunday
30th June 2019 but can only do so with help, expertise and
enthusiasm – so if you have an old soapbox, expert knowledge,
construction skills, daring driving skills or can help in other
ways then please get in touch with Lynsey Jackson, Chair of
the Friends of Bishop Hooper School on 07970 606 868. We
have a team of willing youngsters ready and waiting! Come
and join the fun and do something exceptionally exciting and
rewarding with the next generation.