Jerry Ross’s report

We have some good news to report! After getting several quotes from recommended tree specialists for the work specified by Jerry Ross in his recent report* we discovered that it is likely to cost over £1200 (not including £250 we’ll need for a yew leaflet). While this is somewhat daunting news – we are of course totally committed to find the funds and the right specialist on veterans to do the work. The good news is that we have been promised some generous donations towards our Ancient Yew project: £500 from the Shropshire Council’s Ludlow and Clee Hill Local Joint Committee; £50 from the Parish Council; and £150 from the PCC. These grants and our remaining Yew kitty (£150) mean that we can begin to commission some of the work specified by Jerry Ross. To cover the remainder of the work we are applying to an Environmental Fund called SITA who have offered a fund to Shropshire Council specifically for the care and biodiversity of Shropshire’s veteran trees.

We will work on a leaflet as and when we get the funds we need (£250) for that. Obviously the priority is to take care of the trees but a leaflet will be an excellent way to inform the wider community and interested visitors about our unique group of Ancient Yews with the idea that this will help to attract donations towards a sustainable fund to care for the Ancients in the longer term.

As always we would love to hear from anyone with a special interest in the Ancients. If you are new to the village or a visitor, do go and look at them and, needless to say, if you would like to contribute towards their long term care or towards a leaflet about the Ashford Carbonel Ancient Yew please leave a donation marked “for the Ancient Yews” “for the Yew leaflet” in the Church. If this is not clear or you have any questions, ideas or suggestions please call Jo Tennent on 875229.

*there is a copy of Jerry Ross’s Report on the Ancient Yews in the Church, if that’s not convenient please call Jo at the above number and we can arrange something.