Bowls Club – Foul Deed

Many thanks to Mike Whitworth and George Griffiths for their help in preparing the green for the new season. We
spent many hours spraying to kill the moss, which had thrived in the mild wet winter, and then pressure washing the carpet
to remove the remaining debris. It was particularly galling, therefore, to arrive on the second day of bowling and find that
some inconsiderate dog owner had allowed their furry friend to defecate in the middle of the carpet. To make matters
worse they had obviously been feeding the brute on a laxative diet and had made no attempt, whatsoever, to clean up.
We have had two good weeks of bowling on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, despite the changeable weather. The
first Wednesday evening session was a washout, much to the disappointment of Libby and Georgina, two very keen
juniors, who arrived at the same time as the rain. Last Wednesday Shirley and Sarah gave an instant boost to their “street
cred”, when they bowled for the first time, and, it has to be said, made a very good job of it. Several more people have
expressed an interest in the evening bowls and, hopefully, as the weather improves, they will join us.
Mick Carson