Trevor in the Dark

You may remember that after an off roading episode across Oldwood Common, T3 successfully completed his annual MOT. A few weeks later, a further trip to The Fountain at Tenbury was attempted, this time by a completely new and longer route via Leysters and a loop further southwards to Bockleton and then back to Oldwood Common. This was new territory to all of us and very fine country it was too. It is incredible how quickly the country changes in a very short distance.

The area around and particularly to the south of Leysters is quite different from anywhere else within an eight mile radius of Ashford. Well worth a visit if you fancy a leisurely exploration. Anyway, in the euphoria of a successful MOT, T3 completely forgot to take his emergency headlamp repair and catching kit. The inevitable happened. About five miles into the ride T3 noticed that his headlamp unit was no longer attached to the steering column but was balanced precariously on the front mudguard, only prevented from falling off altogether by the electric cables connecting it to the on-board lighting control unit (switch).

None of the Trevors present was carrying anything so useful as a piece of string (clearly they hadn’t been in the boy scouts) so a handkerchief had to be used to bind the headlamp unit to the steering column and avoid further damage. And very smart and jaunty it looked too! Is there a lesson to be learned here? All that tedious preparation of an extensive emergency headlamp repair kit was completely unnecessary. A handkerchief was perfectly adequate. As has often been said, necessity is the mother of invention, particularly for a Trevor (where necessity seems to crop up quite a lot).

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