Nov 08

Scaling the Heights

The Trevors have achieved much notoriety in the extent of their exploits. Understandably, this may have escaped your attention and this article is therefore intended to bring you up to date with recent notable achievements and celebrated successes. In the mind of the Trevor, such success often seems to equate with altitude, distance and public appearances (not to mention an excellent pint of beer).
As our horizons and adventurousness have expanded, it has become increasingly difficult to justify a short trip to our admired local, The Temeside. Some novel route planning was called for and our very own trip advisor, T2, plotted a number of circular routes from Little Hereford enabling us to return via The Temeside (and a well-earned refreshment break). The most delightful is from the Little Hereford bridge, via the back roads to Leysters, left onto the A4112 towards Tenbury and then first left to Berrington and back to Little Hereford. Leysters is at nearly 700 feet above sea level and the views of the Teme Valley towards Tenbury and Abberley are truly wonderful. A greater test, for both mopeds and cycles (let alone their flying crew), is over The Goggin. Perhaps the Trevor(ette)s favourite route is over the Brightall Common side of The Goggin, down the Gatley valley to Leinthall Earls and on to The Riverside at Aymestrey. The valley down past Gatley (known amongst the Trevors as the Secret Valley) is a delight with a topography quite different to the rest of the region – very reminiscent of the dry valleys of chalkland areas such as the South Downs. For the adventurous, the return trip can be via Leintall Starkes and then Kill Horse Lane above Elton. Even better, go right up the Goggin valley on the outward journey, down Kill Horse Lane and on to Elton, Burrington and Leintwardine where a wonderful proper pub lunch will await you at the Sun Inn. The Sun, a famous local parlour pub, has retained its atmosphere and is very well worth a visit. It is a bit like entering a museum and despite (in fact, because of) a very modern bar extension, it is a real, traditional pub. The return journey via Burrington, Pipe Aston, High Vinnalls, Whitcliffe (and the Charlton Arms for the desperate) provides further spectacular views towards the Long Mynd, Brown Clee and Ludlow.
Of course, feelings of achievement are not just restricted to fine views and exceptional pubs. Trevors 1 and 2 had the honour of representing the group at the Tenbury Show, a very important event in our annual publicity campaign. The ‘scripted’ words of the commentator during the Grand Parade at the end of the show are worth recording. They went something like: “And here we have Mr Trevor Two on his 1964 VeloSolex which does …. Good Lord!!!, 120 miles to the gallon!”.