From Across the Pond, or was it Up North?

TrevorsWhatever happened to those bright, crisp autumn days? We have been blessed with the most beautiful autumn colours this year; but then November happened. Leaden skies, fog, rain in annoying quantities – it can’t even do it properly, it just makes everywhere feel damp and cold even though it is really quite warm – and those wonderful colours turning to squidgy sludge underfoot. Tricky Trevor weather, too. At the time of writing, this could be the second week running that the Trevors have been grounded due to the unerring ability of inclement precipitation to occur on a Trev Day (Friday). It’s so sad to see the back of that beautiful autumn weather. The return from our last trip to The Boot at Orleton was quite stunning. On the outward journey it was misty with an annoying drizzle but when we left to return, the skies had cleared, the sun shone and everything looked bright and fresh after the dampness. We came back via the Orleton Alps (Trevor speak for that stretch of road running just below the hill from Richards Castle, past the Goggin and on to the caravan park above Orleton). The road is quite high in places and there were superb views across the Teme Valley to Clee Hill in the north east and Leysters in the south east. The autumn colouring was outstanding. Alas, all gone now. Maybe it’s a time to sit back in front of the smokey fire, pint in hand, and reminisce about blue skies, the dry open road and memorable friends……..
Being of an amicable, sociable disposition, the Trevors have welcomed a diverse collection of ‘guests’ on their numerous expeditions. At various times we have been joined by, to name but a few, The Greaser, The Mod, a brace of Americans and someone who speaks in an accent that is quite unintelligible this side of the Tees. It is a tribute to the Trevors that many pay a return visit or even show mild tendencies to become fully fledged members. The Mod has an unerring ability to anticipate the Trevors chosen destination and keeps appearing in the most unlikely places. This is a completely sub conscious gift akin to that of a homing pigeon. We have been keeping careful watch to see if any of our other acquaintances develop a similar trait. We have experienced the reverse characteristic on numerous occasions, particularly amongst the Trevors themselves – a tendency to veer off in the wrong direction when no one is looking. The Greaser has a rather large machine which may not quite qualify under the Trevors 49cc entry limit. He also has a postilion, which is definitely not allowed. But, there again, it is not many mopeds that can claim a Harley Davidson as a travelling companion. The Americans thoroughly enjoyed their outing, borrowing pedal cycles from the unwary and setting forth to Worcestershire. The staff at the Temeside are still trying to decipher their lunch request and everyone’s ears were ringing for days because we couldn’t find the Americans’ volume control. Through a slight misunderstanding, they thought that one of the Trevors played ice hockey! The Trevor in question may like to think he could play ice hockey but somehow he wasn’t equipped with the appropriate physique at birth to make such an occupation desirable. A particular mention and thankyou must be made to the ATTM (Ashford Trevorette Team Mechanic). Not only has he kept the Pedal Section’s machines in tip top condition but he has also braved the open road on a number of occasions – a very welcome, if incomprehensible member of the Trevor Team.
As the cold north wind blows, there is little left to say other than to wish our reader a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
The Trevors