January 2018

Clerk: Mr C E Williams, 2 Jockeyfields, Ludlow, Shropshire SY81PU
Telephone 01584 874661 Email: cewilliams1@btinternet.com Website: www.ashfordcarbonellpc.org.uk
The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council Meeting held at Ashford Carbonell Village Hall on Tuesday 23rd January 2018 commencing 7.00pm
1. Present:
Councillors: Mr N Tilt (Chairman), Mr M Thompson, Mr J Hawkins, Mrs C Bicker-Caarten, Mr M Bowen
2. Apologies:
3. Items from Members of the Public:
a) Two members of the Public were present to enquire about the updating of the Ashford Carbonell Parish Plan.
The Clerk explained the various process that could be undertaken to update the Plan including the production of a Community Led-Plan or a Neighbourhood Plan which were generally undertaken if the Parish wished to consider future housing development in its area.
For development purposes Ashford Carbonell Village area is considered as “Open Countryside” where only affordable Housing would be considered on “exceptional sites” under the Shropshire Council’s Planning Policies.
b) Shropshire Councillor V Parry attended the meeting to provide an update on Shropshire Council Matters.
4. Declarations of Interest:
5. To approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
The minutes of the meetings dated the 21st November 2017 were approved by the council and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.
6. Matters Arising from the Minutes:
No Matters arising from the minutes
7. Chairman’s Communications
It was reported that Shropshire Council had issued a Public Notice regarding an Application to Register Ashford Carbonell Sports Field as a Town or Village Green (application No. VG(A)94) to which any objections should be submitted to Shropshire Council on or before 16th March 2018.
8. Planning Items:
a) The Parish Council had No Objection to the following tree applications.
18/00379/TCA – Kirby Lodge 4 The Hayles Ashford Carbonell
18/00014/TCA – Court Farm Ashford Carbonell
17/06072/TCA – Rosemead Ashford Carbonell
b) The Parish Council agreed that it would look at the update of the Parish Plan later in the year.
9. Highway/Amenity Items:
a) It was suggested that there was no longer a requirement for the retention of the Number Plus Scheme for Volunteers as the defibrillators could be used by any member of the public by following the instructions on the defibrillator and with the assistance of the Ambulance Service.
b) The Clerk had enquired about obtaining additional Grit Bins for the village from Shropshire Council however these would have to be financed and filled with salt grit by the Parish Council.
The Clerk was asked to obtain the cost of providing Grit Bins, so the item could be considered at the next meeting.
10. Financial Items:
a) The Parish Council approved the following accounts for payment;
C E Williams – quarterly disbursement – £375
A Parkes – Amenity Work – £540.36
b) The Parish Council considered the Budget Report for the Financial Year 2018/19 which had been produced by the Clerk. It was anticipated that the Parish Council would have balances of approximately £10,400 at the 31st March 2018 which includes the Reserve Provisions for Future Election Costs, Replacement Defibrillator, and Recreation Grants.
In the financial year 2018/19 the Council has been informed that it would no longer receive an Environment Grant from Shropshire Council, this having been used to help finance amenity work within the Parish.
There will also be an additional cost for the introduction of the new Data Protection Regulations May 2018 which will be applicable to all Parish and Town Councils.
After consideration of the report it was agreed by the Parish Council to increase the precept by £1,000 to £8,076 for the financial year 2018/19 which on the average Band D Property would result in an increase of £5.32 on the Parish Council element of the Council Tax Bill.
11. Next Meetings:
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th March 2018