February 2018

Chris welcomed us all and said that considering it had been such a dreadful day how lovely it was to see so many of us venturing out. As there were strong feelings in support of last years resolution ‘End Plastic Soup’ a small sub group has been formed to see how they can look into the problem further and bring to our attention the small changes we can all make that will ultimately make a difference. We read about micro pollution in the press, see the distressing coverage on television, comment on how dreadful it is and the majority of us carry on as always without even being aware that, in some cases, the products we use are harmful to the environment. Our Plastic Soup Warriors will give us a monthly update on their findings. We also briefly discussed the recent newspaper articles reporting on the increase of WI subscriptions which claim that a large portion of the money is going into the running, staffing and maintenance of our head office in London, thus causing smaller, institutes struggling to survive through lack of funds. Chris read us the letter from Lynne Stubbings, Chair of National Federation of Women’s Institutes in reply to the negative press reports in which she stated are based on many factual errors. I think that possibly this subject is likely rumble on. We are very lucky in Caynham Ashford as our Institute, though not a large one, is very active and has a very loyal membership. We have various speakers and numerous activities and outings, always something to laugh about, and on a bad day moan about, plus tea and biscuits, not bad in my book for under £4.00 a month. Our speaker for the evening was Alison Wakeman who gave us a talk on Bees. She’s turned her hobby of keeping bees into a business teaching Shropshire schoolchildren about the environment. Her talk was informative and humorous and you can well understand that the children must love her school visits. She brought with her a lot of ‘bee related’ kit including a hive and explained briefly about the composition and purpose of all the levels that make up the construction. It was absolutely fascinating. She was so enthusiastic about her bees and a great ambassador for bee keeping. Our next meeting is on 14th March at Caynham and Gilda Nicholson will give us a talk on IT (Computers). Sandra Warner