Mar 16

February 2015

The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council Meeting held at Ashford Carbonell Village Hall on Wednesday 27th January 2017 at 7.00pm
1. Present: Councillors: Mrs E Marrs (Chairman), Mr G Jones, Mr M Bowden, Mr D Brundrett, Mr N Tilt
C E Williams (Clerk) Mrs V Parry (Shropshire Councillor)
2. Shropshire Councillor Mrs V Parry
Councillor Mrs V Parry updated the meeting on the discussions concerning the level crossing at Ashford
Bowdler which since the meeting Network Rail have announced that it would not be subject to closure this after a campaign by the local community. Mrs Parry also updated the meeting on Shropshire Council issues which included the annual budget and the future of the Local Joint Committee.
3. Apologies: No apologies were received
4. Declarations of Interest: Personal and Prejudicial – Cllr N Tilt – Planning application 14/05618/Ful
5. To approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting: The minutes of the meetings dated the 26th November 2014 were approved by the council and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.
6. Matters Arising from the Minutes: No matters arising from the minutes on items not included in the
7. Chairman’s Communications:
a) The Chairman reported that the next meeting of the Ludlow and Clee Area Local Joint Committee would be held on Thursday 12th March 2015 agenda and venue to be announced.
b) The Chairman reported that Tuffins Garage/Shop (now Co-operative) had kindly donated £50 towards the annual running costs of the defibrillator for which they were thanked by the Parish Council.
8. Planning Items:
a) Planning application 14//05618/Ful – Erection of a detached dwelling and garage with associated access and parking – Land adjacent the Old School Ashford Carbonell – Cllr N Tilt took no part in the discussion or deci-sion of the Parish Council in respect of the application.
The Parish Council agreed to Object to the Planning application as it does not meet the type of housing con-tained in the Shropshire Council Core Strategy in respect of Countryside development CS5 and CS11. In the village design statement and the submission to SAMDev which was the subject of community consultation the Parish Council has confirmed that it wishes to remain classed as country-side which does not permit marketable development.
b) The Clerk reported that the Planning Inspectorate was now considering the SAMDev submission by Shrop-shire Council – future allocation of Housing and Employment Land up to 2026 with the final determination to be made during Spring/Summer 2015.
9. Highway/Amenity Items: No Items to report
10. Reports from other organisations to which the Parish Council have appointed a representative.
Cllr David Brundrett reported on the improvement works that were currently being undertaken at the hall with match funding having been obtained from Veolia.
11. Financial Items:
a) The following accounts were approved for payment
Ashford Carbonell Village Hall – Hire of Hall 2014 – £90.00
C E Williams – Expenses 2014/15 – £211.34
b) The Parish Council considered the Precept requirement for the financial year 2015/16 for which the Clerk had produced details of the estimated Income and Expenditure and anticipated that the Parish Council would have balances of £4,700 at the 31st March 2015.
It was noted that the suggested minimum salary for the Clerk should be based on four hours per week at £8.42 per hour which is approximately £1,750 per year.
It was agreed by the Parish Council that the precept for the financial year 2015/16 should be £4,822 an increase of £500 per year which on a Band D the Average Council Tax Band represents an increase of £3.35 per year
12. Next Meetings:
Wednesday 1st April 2015, Wednesday 27th May 2015