Village Hall Update

The end of the month approaches and the internal refurbishment works are nearing completion. By the time you receive this edition of the Parish Magazine we will be able to move back into the main Hall and re-establish our normal routine – not that all activities have had to be suspended for the duration. The Thursday teas, in their temporary kitchen/foyer location, have been very well attended (the builders were particularly appreciative of their fortnightly cake!). The bar has had steady custom on a Friday and quite exceptional custom on Sunday lunchtimes. The next teas on Thursday 5th March could be the first event in our spanking new ‘interior’, so do go along to take a look. The bar will be back in situ on Friday 6th March and we can all have endless fun playing with the dimmable wall lights. The renewal of the external cladding should be complete by mid-March.

Now that the main hall is back in action, plans are afoot for various events – please see the separate notices – including a special celebration of the invigorated hall on Easter Saturday lunchtime. Do look out for the notices, whether in the magazine or on the A boards outside the Hall.

At long last we may be nearing a resolution on the ownership of the sports field with a notional boundary from the electricity pole to the far hedge. All being well, the Village Hall will have the right of first refusal should our partner owners ever wish to sell their half. I hope to be able to report more fully in next month’s magazine.