What a fantastic week we had in Ashford Carbonel in July
So many people came forward with so many talents, and the church was alive with paintings, floral displays, embroidery, knitting, upcycling, glass sculptures, jewellery, cards, musical instruments, furniture and so much more.
We saw what people had made over the years and also some of the current talents that are coming to the fore. Jules’ bull felt as though it was about to arrive in the church!
A huge thank you to all of you that gave us your work to display. It was lovely to see the church used for such a fabulous exhibition and to have so many people buzzing in and out with such enthusiasm. The musical, singing, and poetry events were well attended and there were many very special and touching moments. Refreshments were served and shared every day and all events were celebrated with delicious food and drink. What superb organisation and what pleasure it all gave.
What a talented lot everyone is and how very good to be able to share it
With some very generous donations in the pot, a super raffle, turning water into wine and the sales of artworks we made the magnificent total of £ 2, 200.
Hopefully much of the talent will now give years of pleasure in our homes and remind us of a memorable week to add to so many great events that take place in our village.
Keep creating as one day we may repeat it all