May 2018

Clerk: Mr C E Williams, 2 Jockeyfields, Ludlow, Shropshire SY81PU
Telephone 01584 874661 Email: Website:
The Minutes of the Annual Public and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Meeting held at Ashford Carbonell Village Hall on Wednesday 15th May 2018 commencing 7.00pm
1. Present:
Councillors: Mr N Tilt (Chairman), Mr J Hawkins, Mr M Bowden
2. Apologies:
Mrs C Bicker-Caarten and Mr M Thompson
Annual Public Meeting
3. Chairman’s Report:
The Chairman Mr N Tilt reported on the items that the Parish Council have considered during the last year which included Planning, Highways, Amenity items and Grant applications.
The Chairman paid tribute to the work undertaken by the Village Hall Committee with the Village Hall being the centre for the hub of activities that took place in the village.
The Village Hall Committee had also completed the purchase of the Playing Fields with the funds having been raised from the local community.
The Chairman thanked fellow Councillors and the Clerk for work undertaken on behalf of the Local Community.
4. Financial Report:
The Clerk had produced a summary of the Income and Expenditure for the Year 2017/18 and reported that the Parish Council held balances of £7,908 at the 31st March 2018. The Precept for 2018/19 was £8,076.
5. Ashford Carbonell Village Hall Committee:
A report was made by the Village Hall Committee on the various activities that took place at the Hall with regular bookings being made and the bar making a profit. £58,000 had been donated towards the cost of purchasing the field with the balance being met from Village Hall Funds.
The Village Hall Committee is planning a summer celebration event and project for the future will include the War memorial and the Car Park area.
6. Members of the Public:
There were no items from members of the Public
7. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the Year:
Mr N Tilt elected Chairman and Mr M Thompson was elected Vice Chairman for the Year
8. Representatives to Outside Organisations:
Ludlow and Clee Hill Area local Joint Committee – Chairman
Ashford Carbonell Village Hall Committee – Mrs C Bicker-Caarten
Footpaths Officer – Mr D Bicker-Caarten
9. Declarations of Interest:
10. To approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
The minutes of the meetings dated the 25th March 2018 were approved by the council and signed as a correct record by the Chairman.
11. Matters Arising from the Minutes:
No Matters arising from the minutes
12. Chairman’s Communications
No items to report.
13. Planning Items:
Planning application 18//01774/Ful – Erection of an extension to existing Village hall to provide conservatory and meeting room – Ashford Carbonell Village Hall – No Objection.
Planning Application 18/0611/Ful – Erection of two storey side and single storey rear extensions and replacement windows – No Objection although there were concerns about possible damage to the mature trees.
14. Highway/Amenity Items:
The Clerk to report the damaged Manhole Cover by Ashford Bridge.
15. Financial Items:
a) The Parish Council approved the following accounts for payment;
K Adams – Internal Audit Fee – £90
SALC – Annual subscription – ££178.36
Came and Co – Annual Insurance – £344.11
b) The Parish Council approved the Certificate of Exemption in respect of External Audit of the Financial Accounts for the year 2017/18 because the Gross Expenditure and Income did not exceed £25,000.
The Parish Council approved the Internal Audit Report and the Annual Financial and Governance Statement.
16. Data Protection Act 2018:
The Clerk updated the meeting on the implications of the Data Protection Regulations 2018 with it now being agreed by the Government that although Parish and Town Councils are required to register with the Data Protection Officer as Data Controllers they will not be required to employ a Data Protection Officer.
17. Next Meetings:
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 18th July 2018
Future meetings – Wednesday 19th September 2018, Wednesday 21st November 2018, Wednesday 16th January 2019, Wednesday 6th March 2019, Wednesday 22nd May 2019.