January 2018

What a lovely way to start the new year. A cosy gathering of friendly people sharing skills and experiences and having a good natter.
Our January session started with sharing ideas on how to knit a little jacket without the original pattern. Some people do enjoy a challenge! Using an old jacket as a guide, it soon became clear how the garment had been constructed. The original garment had been knitted in stocking stitch so it was fairly easy to count the stitches and the rows. Having knit two fronts, two sleeves and one back up to the armholes, the next task was to knit them all on to one long (circular) needle and begin the sleeve shaping. This would enable the top half to be knitted in one piece without the bulk of seams – clever!
I always enjoy seeing a garment taking shape and so look forward to our next meeting when, no doubt, the finished garment will be on show.
The workshop on needle-felting produced some lovely results. Taking inspiration from a lovely motif crafted on a cruise, people took the plunge and went to work with their felting needle, a sponge block and some coloured merino wool roving. Keeping fingers well away from the needles, some very creative images began to take shape. By the end of the afternoon we had a lovely gallery of work to look at and admire.
Next month there will be an optional workshop on working with leather to make a small ‘penny purse’. Please bring a thimble and a leather sewing needle if you have one.
Next meeting: Monday 19 February 2 – 4pm at Ashford Carbonel village hall.
Optional work shop on making a leather penny purse
Everyone welcome.
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