January 2014

Minutes of Ashford Carbonell Village Hall Committee Meeting 22nd January 2014

Present: Ishbel Yellowley (Chair), Janie Jones, Carole Froggatt, David Froggatt, Hannah Hawkins, Jackie Brundrett, Linda Tilt, Matthew Brundrett, Liz Kelly, Sarah Cooke, Tracey Stone, Anne Hughes

The Chairman welcomed Anne Hughes to the meeting.

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Bronwen Coldwell, Shirley White, David Brundrett and Chris Hewetson

2. Acceptance of A.O.B.

Flicks in the Sticks      (LK)                 At Item 11

Parking                        (IY)                  At Item 12

Choir Evening             (JJ)                  At Item 11

Curry Night                 (CF)                 At Item 11

Cycle Talk                   (MB)                At Item 11

3.Minutes of the Meetings held on 4th December 2013

The minutes of the 192nd meeting held on 4th December 2013 were agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman.

It was noted that the Annual Return had been submitted to the Charity Commission.

It was AGREED that the minutes should be published in the Parish Magazine and on the Ashford Carbonell website.


A letter had been received from the Yoga Club thanking the Committee for the use of the Hall.

5.Hall Development

The information flyer on the proposed refurbishment had been circulated to the village. The meeting continued the discussion on the external appearance of the Hall. If the village consensus was that a half-timbered appearance was preferable, the intention would be to apply for a minor amendment to approve an appearance similar to that of Richards Castle Village Hall. One quotation for the works had been received. A further two were awaited. It was AGREED that IY would complete the Veolia grant application with help from other committee members as required.

Post Office

Mr Walker would be retiring in March. Any replacement would bring all materials at each visit and would not require any storage space or other facilities other than heat & light. It was AGREED that a weekly hire charge of £25 should be levied.

Store Room

It was AGREED that a set of stackable storage boxes should be purchased. An archive cupboard for the Hall, similar to the WI archive, should be considered. The suggestion of using the store room for table tennis was not practicable.

The Committee thanked TS for the new kitchen signs.

6.Field Lease

The Hall’s solicitor had advised that registration with the Land Registry prior to transfer was not required. It was AGREED that a surveyor should be instructed to plot the exact boundaries of the field and propose a division line. There had not been any recent contact from the Zairs.


The Hall current account stood at £13,675 and it was AGREED that £3,000 should be transferred to the Building Fund (currently £27,392). It was noted that there was an outstanding Building Regulations Inspection fee of £936.42 relating to the construction of the service block..

8.Hall Hirings

A total of £795 in hire fees had been taken in January.

9.Fabric and Grounds

It was AGREED that a list of key-holders should be drawn up.

Bowling Green It was AGREED that the annual maintenance was required and would be funded by the Hall (largely out of Bowling Club fees).

10.Past Events.

Christmas Capers       A good evening

New Year,s Eve          A bit laboured: possible new formats discussed

Sea Shanty Band        Excellent evening: £170 raised and shared with Church Roof

Sunday Lunch             Very successful: £227 raised

11.Future Events

22nd February: The Copyist (paintings)          (JA)

26th February: Art & Architecture Talk           (JJ/ST)                        Postponed until April

26th February: Scotland on a Bicycle             (MB)

7th March: Curry Night                                    (CF)

15th March: Stories for the Young (at heart)  (MB/PS)

9th August: Village BarBQ

7th September: Car Boot Sale                                    (JJ/TS)

18th October: Choir Evening                           (JJ)                  To be held at the school

Flicks in the Sticks

11th February: Red 2; 11th March: Le Weekend; 15th April: Philomena

12 Any Other Business

Car parking (IY)                                                         AGREED disabled parking signs

& residents to park on south side

13. Dates of Future Meetings

Next ordinary meetings Tuesday 4th March & 29th April with AGM on 13th May.