Devon October 2017

Fourteen Go To Devon (With Apologies to Enid Blyton)

7.30 on an October Monday morning, and three cars left our villages at the start of Caynham Ashford W.I.’s adventure at the Manor House Hotel in Devon.
A hurricane was forecast, but we were hoping it would strike further west than our route. As we travelled down the M5 we watched an eerie red sun climb in the sky, but there was no great wind. However, after a coffee break mid-morning, when we arrived at the Manor House in time for lunch, we could hardly stand as we were buffeted across the car park. Some of us had an activity booked for that first afternoon, whilst others took time to look around the site and settle into the comfortable bedrooms.
Meeting up for supper, we were pleasantly surprised by the choice, quality and quantity of food offered and of course we all took full advantage of the menus for the next three days!
From Tuesday morning until Thursday lunchtime our days were packed with activities. There was walking on Dartmoor, massage, swimming, picture framing, glass engraving, embroidery, enamelling, pyrography, archery, ten pin bowling and more. Some of us decided to add our names to the lists on the activity boards and cram in extra sessions.
We were busy and having great fun and we all came home with plenty to show for our efforts. Everyone at the hotel was helpful and friendly including our fellow residents and as usual, Caynham Ashford W.I. made their mark. We will all remember the evening in the bar when a couple came to chat, and told us how much they had enjoyed overhearing our hilarity over a certain member’s experience of a back neck and shoulders massage. How many items of clothing must one remove?
Travelling home on the Thursday we stopped at the excellent Gloucester Services – highly recommended.
All of us are grateful to Jo Hall whose splendid idea this was initially, and to Sue MacRae and Ann Tyler for organising everything. I’m sure we would all like to repeat the experience and maybe more members will join the party next time.