Who Picked My Tea

A success story from Traidcraft Exchange Who Picked My Tea Campaign
The Campaign highlighted the appalling conditions and low pay many tea workers on tea estates in Assam are working under and asked for help from the public to contact the six major brands – PG Tips, Tetley, Yorkshire Tea, Twinings, Clipper and Typhoo – asking for publication of which estates their tea comes from. Thanks to everyone locally and nationally coming together and asking for change, the British tea sector has moved from secrecy to become one of the most transparent supply chains – in less than a year. This openness means we can find out where more than 70% of the tea on our supermarket shelves comes from. But most importantly it means tea workers, and local groups supporting them, can hold the British brands to account. Today we can say that the first step towards a better future for tea workers in Assam is complete.
Stephen Lakra, President of the All Adivasi Students Association of Assam, says: “Thanks to the support of tea drinkers in the UK and around the world, now we know where the tea we pick is sold. That means we can ask British brands to ensure the standards they have promised are met. Thank you!”
Traidcraft Exchange asked the big brands to publish their Assam suppliers but nearly all of them have gone beyond this and revealed their global lists – providing a vital tool for change for tea workers all around the world. Liz Taylor

Leaf photo created by kstudio – www.freepik.com