Jul 07

Trevors’ Tranquil Travels

Trev1The Rise of the Trevorette

The Trevors’ pedal section, otherwise known as the Trevorettes, has become very bold this season. You may have noticed the brazen article in last month’s magazine. All this unnatural display of confidence comes from the extraordinary rise in popularity of cycling, particularly for ladies and particularly in Ashford Carbonell. There are now four fully fledged Trevorettes, two apprentices and three associates (male), two of whom are defective Trevors. This just goes to show the inclusivity of the Trevor Charter in practice. In an unselfish display of altruism, the two defective Trevors gave pedalling support to the Trevorettes, encouragement after the disappointment of always being left trailing by the superfast motorized section. Trevette1The fact that both Trevors needed to get some pedal practice prior to holidays is entirely coincidental. It is becoming in-creasingly clear that there is nothing a Trevorette likes better than a challenge, an opportunity to prove that they are better. Would you believe that on a trip to St Michaels, Tenbury, one Trevorette decided not to stop at The Fountain, our intended watering hole, but cycle on to Tenbury swimming pool, have a swim and then cycle straight back to Ashford! Trevors may be altruistic but how can they compete with that? But budding Trevorettes (all are welcome) need not fear – you do not have to be able to swim to partake of this wonderful pastime. And, of course, you are very wel-come to join the Trevors, defective or otherwise, in a measured consideration of life, the world and everything over a well-earned refreshment.
Don’t miss the next article that returns to more practical matters and explores the nature of the Defective Trevor. (Could this be a contradiction?).