May 29

Top of the Pots

The day was dry and bright and off we set, members and friends, for a day trip to the ‘World of Wedgwood’ in Barleston, Stoke on Trent. On arrival we had coffee and organised our day. We started with a tour of the factory where we learned about all aspects of the production, processes and techniques and saw at first hand the skill, talent and knowledge that goes into every product. The hand painting was exquisite. Ann Hughes was brave enough to have a go at throwing a pot, and very professional she looked too working the clay on the wheel. A possible contestant for the The Great British Throw Down…. who knows.

After a lovely lunch four of our ladies decided to decorate a plate so took their seats in the Design and Decorating Studio. As the plates and Ann’s pot have to be fired they were unable to take their creations home with them but they will be forwarded by post. They have all promised to bring the pots to our next meeting for us all to see. Not being at all artistic, myself, Beth and Nancy went to The Tea Emporium where we had a sample of tea tasting. In my case, it would appear that too many years of P G Tips
have dulled my palette as I couldn’t differentiate between the ti kuan yin and the formosa ali shan. It really was an experience.
We all then met up and went round the museum where the objects and archive material give an insight into the world’s most famous potter and the company he founded. It was absolutely fantastic. After that we visited the Factory Outlet before sitting in the sun enjoying an ice cream whilst waiting for our coach to pick us up and take us home.

Many thanks to Ann and Sue for organising such a great day out, you always do us proud.