Sep 24

St Mary Magdalene Church, Ashford Carbonel is open for business

We have come a long way in the six and a half years since the Restoration Project bank account was first opened! It is a remarkable achievement to see the north nave of the church roof finally restored and the church open daily once again.
Last year a number of community events were organised created all under the auspices of Heritage Lottery.
Thanks go to the parish, local community and small grant making organisations for their support in running events and/or donating generously to the roof project. In addition we are grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for its 60% grant funding.
Secondly, thanks is due to the members of the Restoration Committee who have spent countless hours and an immense amount of effort in administering the whole project over the years.
Church Literature
There are a number of leaflets, greetings cards and postcards on sale in the church.
We are indebted to Maureen Round for the use of her photographs for the postcards and to Lucy Treasure who did the original art work for the greetings cards. The church Guide booklet was worked on by Maureen Round, Elizabeth Round and Julia Hall and design of the various leaflets also done by Maureen.