Jul 17

Roof Repairs

St Mary Magdalene – Roof Repairs

The re-tiling of the north side of the nave roof goes on apace and the roof will look very smart when it is completed.  On Saturday June 10th two stone masons ( plus Stephen and Lucy Treasure ) worked tirelessly all day to engrave peoples names or initials onto the tiles and several people chose to engrave their own.

Christine Parry provided refreshments in the church, though it had been hoped to have everything outside, to make a party atmosphere, but it was too windy. However, it didn’t rain which was a blessing. A few days later, the children from Bishop Hooper School were all invited to sign their own tiles.

Over £1400 was raised for the church and the 100 engraved tiles are now scattered on the north side of the roof for posterity. Every tile was photographed and a written record has been kept to be put into the church archives. Thanks must also go to Peter Stretton who helped to organise the event and to Maureen Round who photographed everything in sight.
As a bonus, Stephen discovered a lost gravestone dating from 1841 which had been completely buried in the grass of the churchyard.