October 2016

Bowls2This seasons competitions have now been completed; George Griffiths won the singles cup. Mike Whitworth and myself won the doubles, or to be more accu-rate, Mike Whitworth won the doubles with very little help from me. The Hunting-ton trio, Betty Meredith, Don Morris and Mike Whitworth won the triples, they will say by skill and determination, but in fact we were winning from the start until the very last end when, by some divine intervention, they scored 5.
Our Wednesday evening group continues to flourish and can now be called international. We have our own resident Aussie, who is becoming a very good bowler, sad though it is to admit, and one young man who having heard of our reputation, travelled all the way from Portugal just to join us.
Every so often there is a “do you remember” moment at the Club which is then talked about for years, it often involves some poor soul falling over or a similar incident. The most recent moment was a far more jolly affair. One of our lady members, immaculately dressed as usual bent over to bowl, she deliv-ered her wood most eloquently and as she stood up, concentrating on the path that the wood was tak-ing, her trousers slipped down to her ankles. The offending garment was retrieved in astonishing speed but not before we had been treated to the sight of a pair of well tanned legs topped with a pair of spar-kling white knickers. Dodgy elastic was blamed but no amount of persuading could elicit a repeat per-formance. The whole incident only lasted seconds but it would have made a priceless advertisement for “Daz” or “Omo”.
Mick Carson