November 2018

How lovely it was to meet again after the summer break. There was much to natter about as we caught up with who had been doing what. A long, hot summer it might have been but, for some, it had been a very crafty one too as we discovered in our ‘Show and Tell’ session. Beautiful roses made from pages of discarded books were on show. These had formed garlands to dress the ends of pews at a daughter’s wedding. Amazing, as were the needle-felted bride and groom. How creative was that! Photographs of little summer frocks and cotton sunhats reminded us of the lovely summer whilst a little modular knitted jacket, helmet and gloves had been made for the colder months ahead. A pair of hubby’s old jeans had been refashioned into a pair of trendy toddlers dungarees, complete with bracers clamps – useful where adjustable straps are needed. A recent WI trip to Devon gave some the opportunity to try out an assortment of crafts. We saw a lovely beaded bracelet being worn and will hear more about the crafts undertaken on the trip at our next meeting.
It was quite a busy session with lots of interesting things going on. Knitting, crochet, stitching and needle-felting were much in evidence. One or two long-forgotten projects had been unearthed and were being given a new lease of life! The sewing machine had been dusted off and was in full swing, helping with the creation of little bags and holdalls. A glamorous beaded clutch bag was being created with thoughts being shared on how best to use a piece of silk to line it.
Help will be at hand to guide you through any project. A folder of ideas for charity makes and gifts is at hand so there will be something available for knitters and stitchers who do not have their own projects.
Next meeting: Monday 19 November 2–4pm at Ashford Carbonel village hall.
Everyone welcome.
Janice Forsyth 831437