News from St. Andrew’s, Ashford Bowdler – May

Our annual parish meetings took place in the church on 16th April with the Rector, Rev. Lynn Money,
and 11 members of our electoral roll present, which was a better attendance than last year.
At the Annual Meeting of Parishioners, Ann Lansdell was re-elected to serve as churchwarden for
another year and a vote of thanks for her work over the past year was also passed. It is now several
years since we had two churchwardens, but we manage to keep going with help from others when
At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting which followed, Rupert and Alison Coggon, who had
been co-opted to the PCC last year, were formally elected as full members of the PCC for the next three
years. Michael Chesshire and Jeremy Lansdell, as our two Deanery Synod representatives, continue as
ex officio members, as does Ann as churchwarden. The other continuing lay members are Jean Allen,
Michelle Hodnett, Michael Shallow and Kirstie Turner, while Margaret Small (who has served
continuously on the PCC for more years than she cares to remember!) was appointed an honorary
member with the right (but no obligation) to attend future meetings and to receive notices, minutes and
other PCC papers. At the first meeting of the new PCC following the annual meetings, Jeremy Lansdell
was re-appointed as Vice-Chairman and Treasurer and Ann Lansdell was re-appointed as Secretary.
Looking ahead, our pattern of regular services changes in June to the following:
First Sunday of the month: Holy Communion (BCP) at 11.15am
Second Sunday: Evensong (BCP) at 6.30pm
Third Sunday: Matins (BCP) at 11.15am
Fourth Sunday: No service
In other words our regular Holy Communion and Matins services simply change places.
The next meeting of the new PCC will be on Monday, 21st May, at Church House at 7.30pm.