May 2019

If you have walked past the Village Hall recently, you will have noticed a lot of noise and activity, this is due to the civil works for the extension. What you may not have noticed, behind the hedge, is a group of people, quietly enjoying a game of bowls. The local residents are delighted and have commented that, so far this year, they have not even been aware that the games were being played.
There is a simple answer to this, two of our best but very excitable players are as yet unfit. One, a particularly noisy fellow, is recovering from hip surgery whilst the other, an even more vocal character, and indeed a bit of a ruffian, is suffering from, that most painful condition, sciatica.
We, if not the residents, hope that they will soon be fit enough to join us.
One particular piece of good news is that we have a new recruit and, although he has never bowled before, he seems to have a natural talent for the sport and, more worryingly, could become quite good at it. If you would like to take part in this most enjoyable pastime please come along to any session. Wednesday evening bowls will start on 1st May.