March 2018

Our March meeting was full of lively chatter, bringing the sun out and giving a warm feeling which ignored the ice and snow outside.
Show and tell included a crocheted Easter bunny nibbling on a needle felted carrot; a beautiful knitted blue tit; embroidered and beaded brooches of seahorse and owl; the beginnings of a cosy knitted shawl and some stunning paper quilled greetings cards. A lovely photo of grand-daughters enjoying their knitted hooded jackets was also shared.
Individual projects were much in evidence with knitting, crochet and counted thread work being undertaken along with the completion of some small stitched gift items.
The optional workshop gave people the chance to try their hand at Sashiko. This craft began life centuries ago as a rural domestic craft in Northern Japan. Originally used for recycling and warmth by strengthening work clothes and household goods. Reusing textiles has a long tradition in the poorer rural communities in Japan. The craft of Sashiko was handed down from mother to daughter in farming and fishing communities and helped to instil the values of patience and perseverance which were deemed to be essential qualities for a farmer’s wife! Traditional Sashiko combines 2 or 3 layers of indigo dyed cotton or linen fabric and is worked in white thread using a simple running stitch.
For our practice sample a small square was Sashiko stitched in a design of choice ready to be turned into a useful coaster.
Next month there will be an optional workshop on how to make a Kanzashi fabric flower. Please bring a small sewing kit if you have one.
Next meeting: Monday 16 April 2 – 4pm at Ashford Carbonel village hall. Everyone welcome.
Janice Forsyth 831437