March 2014

Minutes of Ashford Carbonell Village Hall Committee Meeting 4th March 2014


  1. Present:

Ishbel Yellowley (Chair), Carole Froggatt, David Froggatt, Hannah Hawkins, Matthew Brundrett, Sarah Cooke, Tracey Stone, Bronwen Coldwell, Chris Hewetson, Shirley White


2. Apologies

Apologies were received from David Brundrett, Jackie Brundrett, Liz Kelly, Janie Jones and Linda Tilt


3.Acceptance of A.O.B.

Coffee Machine      (SC)    Lost Property(TS)                 At item 5


Minutes of the Meetings held on 22nd January 2014

The minutes of the 193rd meeting held on 22nd January 2014 were agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman.


4.Correspondence This was covered under the remaining agenda items.


5.Hall Development Refurbishment

An application for grant funding of £49,000 had been submitted to Veolia. Planning permission had not been received as yet but Veolia had agreed to receive the application because of delays generally with planning applications. Joe Trounson was providing revised drawings to include a half-timbered external appearance and these would be submitted to the Council shortly. Three quotations for the work had been received, two being around £114,000 and one £130,000. An additional grant application would be made to the Big Lottery Fund for the shortfall between the Veolia grant and Hall funds and the total cost. The VAT status of the project was raised and IY agreed to consult Eric Williams.

Post Office

Mr Walker would be retiring in March and a meeting with him and the Post Office was being arranged to discuss future services. It was AGREED that no storage space would be provided in future and a weekly hire charge of £25 should be levied.

Store Room The meeting toured the newly reorganized store room and thanked those who had carried out all the work. It was AGREED to:

  • Introduce a lost property box with each item date labelled. Any item in the box for a year would be given to the car boot sale
  • Purchase a dust pan & brush
  • Move the light switch to outside the store room (MB to organize)
  • Fix the First Aid box to the wall inside the kitchen door with accident book below
  • Forward location details of the stopcock and emergency cut-off switches to TS


6.Field Lease / Ownership

There were no developments to report on the splitting of the sports field ownership.



The Hall current account stood at £10,382.07 after the transfer of £3,000 to the Building Fund (now £30,392) as agreed at the previous meeting. It was AGEED that the outstanding Building Regulations Inspection fee of £936.42 should be paid.


8.Hall Hirings The meeting discussed bar closing times following a complaint on the village Facebook page. As suggested by the complainant, it was AGREED to put up a notice by the front doors asking users of the Hall to leave quietly.


9.Fabric and Grounds Bowling Green

It was noted that the Bowling Club had carried out repairs to the green and that the annual maintenance works had been booked.

Grass Mowing Contract The agreement and quotation for the renewal of the grass mowing contract were APPROVED.


10.Past Events.

The Copyist               A very popular talk raising funds for the Church

Scotland on a Bike  A well attended talk raising £120 for the Hall


11.Future Events

7th March: Curry Night                                 (CF)

15th March: Stories for the Young (at heart)        (MB/PS)         Subsequently postponed

26th April: Pizza, Art & Architecture                       (JJ/ST)

Flicks in the Sticks 11th March: Le Weekend; 15th April: Philomena


12.Any Other Business Coffee machine for occasional users. SC agreed to research suitable machines and report back.

Village Hall User Guide TS tabled the new User Guide. AGREED that should be kept in kitchen beside the accident book and First Aid kit. The meeting thanked TS & JJ for compiling and producing the Guide.


13. Dates of Future Meetings Next ordinary meeting: Tuesday 29th April. AGM on 13th May to be followed by an ordinary meeting on 3rd June.