Jan 2016

Clerk: Mr C E Williams, 2 Jockeyfields, Ludlow, Shropshire SY81PU
Telephone 01584 874661 Email: ericwilliams1@southshropshire.gov.uk
Website: www.2shrop.net/ashfordcarbonellparishcouncil

The Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council Meeting held at Ashford Carbonell Village Hall on Wednesday 20
January 2016 at 6.00pm
1. Present:   Councillors: Mrs E Marrs (Chairman), Mr G Jones, Mr D Brundrett

2. Apologies:     Cllr N Tilt and Cllr M Bowen

3. Items from Shropshire Councillor Mrs V Parry
Shropshire Councillor Mrs V Parry spoke about the consultation exercise that has been undertaken by Shropshire Council called the “Big Conversation” which looks at the services provided by the Council.
Cllr Mrs V Parry also referred to the Youth Service Provision, Library Services, Ludlow Assembly Rooms and the problems of Dog Fouling.
Cllr G Jones raised the problem of speeding along Caynham Road by the school this had been referred to him by some parents of  the School. Cllr Mrs V Parry will raise the matter with the highways section of Shropshire Council and ask for a review to be undertaken of the speeding issues by the school.

4. Declarations of Interest: Nil

5. To approve the Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
The minutes of the meeting held on the 16th September 2015 were agreed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.

6. Matters Arising from the Minutes:  No matters arising from the minutes on items not included in the agenda.

7. Chairman’s Communications:
a) The Chairman has been asked by Mr B McClumpha from the Stables Ashford Carbonell to thank the members of the community who offered their help on Friday 15th January 2016 following a serious accident to a horse rider when the horse fell on top of her resulting in theAir Ambulance being called. The Parish Council wished the young horse rider a speedy recovery.
b) The Chairman reported on the recent meeting of the Ludlow and Clee Local Joint Committee which had considered youth facilities in the area.
c) The Chairman reported that “Ramble around the Village” raised £141 for Children in Need.
d) The Chairman is to attend a meeting at the Village Hall to discuss HM Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations on the 21 April 2016.

8. Planning Items: No items

9. Highway/Amenity Items:
The Clerk to report the problem of surface water at the Caynham Road/A49 Junction with flooding often occurring across the Caynham Road causing a dangerous road hazard as you approach the busy A49.
The Clerk to write to the secretary of the Ashford Carbonell Fishing Syndicate in relation to the fishing rights of Ashford Carbonell     residents at “Ashford Beach.”
c)  The Clerk referred to a letter received from the Post Office concerning public consultation on proposals to provide a Mobile Travelling Post Office which will hopefully be available every Tuesday from the 23rd February 2016, (13.00-14.00), situated on the roadside close to 2 Huntingdon Green Ashford Carbonell.  Consultation is now taking place and comments can be submitted onlineat www.postofficeviews.co.uk by entering code 70364799. The Parish Council had no objection to the scheme.

10. Financial Items:
a) The Clerk reported that the Parish Council had bank balances of £6,213.30
b) The Parish Council approved the following accounts for payment: Bridgnorth and South Shropshire Crucial Crew – Grant for Safety Awareness Course Children Bishop Hooper School – £63

11. Precept 2016/17:
The Clerk had produced a financial statement for the consideration of the Precept 2016/17, the Clerk reported that the Parish Council  received an annual grant of £750 for Environmental/Highway work however this was subject to a review and may be reduced or withdrawn.
It was agreed by the Parish Council that the precept should be increased by £640 of which £140 is due to an increase in the Parish  Council Tax Base for 2016/17 and the balance of £500 being met by an increase in the Council Tax which will result in an annual increase of £2.70 to the average Band D Council Tax Payer.

12. Next Meetings:
Wednesday 16th March 2016, Wednesday 11th May 2016 The meetings will commence at 7.00pm