Jan 29

Fairtrade Fortnight 26th February – 11th March

During Fairtrade Fortnight get ready to invite people into fair trade and if you’re not already a supporter, welcome this invitation to start buying Fairtrade goods.

It’s scandalous that millions of farmers and workers are still being ripped off despite working hard to provide the products we love. Unfairness in global trade is rooted in centuries of exploitation. Producers are fighting for a fair deal, supported by Fairtrade, earning their way out of poverty and transforming their communities

Together we’re stronger, and more people choosing, sharing and standing up for Fairtrade in the UK means more power to producers to break the stranglehold of poverty prices. Consumers are sometimes sceptical about whether the Fairtrade Mark actually makes a difference to the lives of producers. It absolutely does. In addition, there are also a wide variety of other fair trade standards and labels in Europe and other parts of the world.

Trade is something everyone does as a matter of course not from time to time. Being fair to producers should be a given in all trade. It isn’t! Yet consumers continue to support trade without always questioning if the producer or someone else is in fact being exploited. Close the door on exploitation, choose fair trade.

This year Ludlow Fair Trade Town Group is celebrating 15 years since being awarded Fairtrade status at the end of 2002. We’ll have events and activities throughout the year as well as in Fairtrade Fortnight. A flavour of the events being run during the Fortnight – Traidcraft Spring Mini Fair 10th March; Schools Day 8th March; two week long Fairtrade Food and Craft stall at St Laurence’s Church; Traidcraft’s Big Brew Morning; businesses in Ludlow which sell Fairtrade products will be advertising this fact in their windows and making the products easily identifiable by identifying them with a sticker on their shelves.

There’ll be more details of these and other events available in the next magazine.

Liz Taylor liz@lizinludlow.co.uk 831149