Dec 20

December 2013

Minutes of Ashford Carbonell Village Hall Committee Meeting 4th December 2013


Present: Ishbel Yellowley (Chair), Janie Jones, Carole Froggatt, David Froggatt, Hannah Hawkins, Jackie Brundrett, David Brundrett, Chris Hewetson, Linda Tilt, Matthew Brundrett, Liz Kelly

1.Apologies  received from Bronwen Coldwell, Sarah Cooke, Chloe Rees, Tracey Stone and Shirley White

2. Acceptance of A.O.B.

A Boards (IY),    Broadband (JB), Christmas Tree (DF),  Defibrillator (DF), Minutes (JB)

3.Minutes of the Meetings held on 15th October 2013  The minutes of the 191st meeting held on 15th October 2013 were agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman. 

4.Correspondence The Treasurer had received a letter from HMRC concerning Gift Aid submissions. It was AGREED that the Treasurer should update the list of signatories and responsible persons.

5.Hall Development

Plans for the proposed refurbishment were available to the meeting.

A planning application had been submitted prior to the meeting due to the time constraints for submitting a grant application to Veolia, which would require prior planning approval. The meeting discussed the plans, focussing on the external appearance of the Hall. Some members felt that a mock Tudor appearance would be preferable to plain screeding. It was AGREED that the secretary should draw up a ‘flyer’ to be circulated to the village explaining what was proposed and the underlying rationale of the alterations.

6.Post Office The Chairman reported that Mr Walker had confirmed his intention to retire and that he had notified the Post Office that the Village Hall would charge rent in future. It was AGREED that the secretary should contact the Post Office to confirm the arrangements.

7.Store Room The reorganization of the storeroom was ongoing. The meeting discussed racking systems and it was suggested that David and Jackie Brundrett may be able to assist.

8.Field Lease  It was AGREED that the Village Hall should pay for the registration of the field as a sports and recreation ground with the Land Registry as this would facilitate the process of ownership transfer.

9.Finance The Hall current account stood at £13,472 and it was AGREED that £3,000 should be transferred to the Building Fund (currently £24,264). £242 had been repaid by British gas following previous overcharges.

The Treasurer reported that the annual accounts had been audited and were ready for submission to the Charity Commission. JB requested an updated list of member details to submit with the Charity Commission annual return.

10.Hall Hirings The Bookings Secretary reported that that the new arrangements were working well but that bookings had been fairly quiet.

11.Fabric and Grounds Mowing Contract The monthly payments were continuing. No request had been received for payment for the additional works carried out.

Bowling Green Some concern was expressed at the condition of the bowling green and recent dog fowling. A low fence may be appropriate and JB was asked to obtain quotes. Funds for repairs may be available from the Local Joint Committee.


12.Past Events. Flanders & Swan. A very successful event with £510 raised. The Committee expressed their thanks to the Jones’ and helpers. 

Flicks in the Sticks.A disappointing turn-out for Life of Pi but a full house for Linclon.

Future Events 20th December: Christmas Capers (MB), 31st December: New Year’s Eve(IY)

17th January: Sea Shanty Band (HH), 15th February: Bavarian Evening (DF), 26th February: Art & Architecture Talk (JJ/ST),  15th March: Stories for the Young (at heart)           (MB/PS)


13.Any Other Business

A Frames: one rotting                                                AGREED IY to ask TS for replacement.

Broadband: JB update                                                            AGREED to proceed.

Christmas Tree:                                                          AGREED to continue with existing.

Defibrillator: poor turn-out for course             AGREED to re-run course.

Meeting Minutes:                                                        AGREED to include on village website.

14. Dates of Future Meetings

The next meeting was agreed as Wednesday 22nd January 2014.