May 29

Britain on Film: Rural Britain

On Friday 19th May we had the most wonderfully nostalgic treat; a collection of archive film recordings, compiled by the British Film Institute, covering rural Britain from the early 1900s to the early 1980s. The earliest was a 1904 recording of haymaking; the most recent, a 1981 mini documentary about a proposed Cold War nuclear bunker in a small village! In between there was footage of a shepherd in the Cheviots, a blacksmith shoeing, a superbly atmospheric piece about the Stroud valley scripted by Laurie Lee, and a 1970s recording of Eardisland battling to keep its school. All fascinating and very evocative of a bygone era (even the 1980s!).

The next archive Britain on Film showing is on Friday 16th June at 8pm: Railways in Britain.