Jan 29

Afternoon Teas In The Village Hall

Afternoon teas take place in the Village Hall every other Thursday between 2.30pm and 4.00pm. In February they are on Thursday 1st and Thursday 15th, but there is always a board outside on the grass verge on the day.

A cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake are available for a donation (we ask for a minimum of £1.50 towards Village Hall funds) and there is always plenty of good company.

If you would like to come, but find it difficult to get about, we can arrange a lift.

We are also looking for people (not just ladies, gentlemen would be very welcome too) to join the rota to help serving the teas and also to help by baking cakes.

Please ring Sue Phipers on 831724 if you can help or if you would like a lift.

During the last afternoon teas before Christmas the children from the school came and sang carols to the delight of everyone there. The photo shows a very enthusiastic rendering of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Jan 29

Alderney: Joey for Ever

Most northerly of the Channel Islands, Alderney has a feel about it of remoteness, isolation and languid adventure. Unless you are the owner of a yacht, virtually the only way to get there is by air and even that is an exciting experience. Until very recently the aeroplanes used, the Brtitten-Norman Trislander, had a passing resemblance to a tube of smarties with wings, and not very much bigger. The most famous was called Joey, was bright yellow and had a face painted on his nose cone.

These wonderful aircraft took either 12 or 16 passengers in rows of two seats with no aisle. The seats were so small, so close together and so crammed against the (flimsy) sides of the plane that the airline avoided putting men and women next to each other unless they were related. Embarking was great fun. You had to ‘load’ by seat number, either through the pilot’s door, under the wing or through the baggage door and once in you were there until you were let out in reverse order. The emergency exits (other than the small entry and exit doors which you couldn’t reach because there was a seat in the way) were a selected number of the rather rickety single pane windows that were fixed into place by a clip contraption that appeared to be stuck to the widow with chewing gum – a bit like the clips on old car quarter lights. The new planes (I have no idea what breed they are) still only take 16 passengers with seats in rows of two but there is a central aisle, you get on via a purpose built passenger door, the pilot doesn’t have to share his cockpit with the passengers and …. there is even a co-pilot!

Once, flying from Southampton in Joey, our pilot seemed to fall asleep half way across the Channel. I was sitting in the seat immediately behind him and I swear I could hear him snoring. Fortunately, crammed into the seat next to me was another pilot on his way back to Guernsey to start work so I was not overly concerned. Anyway, I think our actual pilot must have had his mobile on alarm vibrate as he miraculously woke up before we flew past Alderney. The passenger pilot was very interesting and most generous. As we took off from Southampton and flew over the New Forest and Isle of Wight, he loaned me his aviation charts so I could see what all the places were that we were flying over.

Proper flying!


Jan 29

Bronwen Coldwell

On a bright and crisp morning Bronwen’s ashes were laid to rest on the East side of the churchyard.
It was in fact December 14th, Bronwen’s birthday, and as the family gathered round, each with their
own special memories, the words of that famous hymn were fresh in our thoughts:
“Where is death’s sting? Where grave, thy victory?
I triumph still, if thou abide with me “
May Bronwen, much loved and such a great contributor and supporter of the village, rest in peace.

Jan 29

Carol Singing

Despite atrocious weather conditions, twenty seven brave people gathered at the car park just before Christmas and embarked on the annual tour of the village Carol Singing. They were in particularly good voice resulting in a record collection. On arrival at No 8 they were warmly welcomed by their host Christine Parry and some forty invited guests who shared the most wonderful array of food and drink so generously supplied by Christine, which was much appreciated by everyone.

Regrettably because of the icy conditions (Ashford Court drive was lethal under foot) it had been decided earlier to miss our final venue, which was a shame because it makes a wonderful finale to the evening. Nevertheless the amazing sum of £260 was raised and shared between Hope House and the NSPCC.

My thanks go to all the valiant people who sang, to Chris for her hospitality and to the two men who helped me to my car afterwards. Unfortunately one of our number was injured on the ice, but luckily suffered no ill effects the next day.

A very happy New Year to you all. BM

Jan 29

Christmas Tree Festival St Mary’s Caynham

At the sixth Christmas Tree Festival in St Mary’s Church Caynham, Pantomimes proved to be a popular theme, with fourteen decorated trees. From Aladdin to Snow White, so many imaginative ideas were on display. A large tree was also laden with all seventy eight gifts listed in the Twelve Days of Christmas, to-gether with information about the symbolism of the song. The church was filled with the scents, sounds and sights of Christmas, as visitors enjoyed seasonal refreshments, singing carols with Little Hereford Choir and browsing at the stalls laden with good things. On the Sunday, a Christingle service completed a memorable weekend.

Funds raised were for St Mary’s Church and thanks go to all the villagers who worked so hard and all the visitors who supported the event. Here’s a date for your diary. 1st and 2nd December 2108, for the 7th Caynham Christmas Tree Festival.

Chris King

Jan 29

Ludlow Library Home Delivery Service

Ludlow Library offers a Home Delivery service in Ludlow, delivering library books, music CDs and film DVDs to people who find it difficult to travel to Ludlow due to disability, age, illness or care commitments.

Caynham Ashford WI are hoping to extend this service to Caynham and Ashford Carbonbell in 2018 by offering to deliver books in the two villages. If you would like more information or are interested in registering, please contact Ludlow Library on 01743 250510 or ludlowlibrary@shropshire.gov.uk.

Jan 29

News from St. Andrew’s, Ashford Bowdler – Jan

We welcome Revd. Lynn Money as our new Rector for the Ashford’s Group of parishes and we are delighted that she has chosen to lead her first service in the group here at Ashford Bowdler. Her installation service at Richard’s Castle on 17th January was a memorable occasion, which gave her the opportunity to meet many of her new parishioners for the first time. Two events took place in the parish just after the December magazine went to press. On Saint Andrew’s Day, 30th November, our Patronal Evensong was conducted by our new Lay Reader, Stephen Treasure, and the sermon was given by our old friend and former Team Vicar, Kelvin Price. We are most grateful to Stephen and Kelvin and to all who joined us for the service and for refreshments afterwards. On Saturday, 2nd December, Ashley and Tim Burdett put on a Christmas Coffee Morning at The Wain House, with a sale of arts and crafts, in aid of the church. They raised £248.50 for church funds and we are most grateful to Ashley and Tim for their generosity. We again welcomed good congregations at our Christmas services, the communion service on Christmas Day and the Carol Service on New Year’s Eve. We are very grateful to Grahame Taylor as organist (at both services), to all the readers of lessons and to Stephen Treasure for presiding at both services. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Our charitable donations in 2017 (including Gift Aid) were as follows: The Harvest Festival collection raised £181.84 for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution The Remembrance Service collection raised £133.50 for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal The collection at our Patronal Evensong (and the raffle that followed it) on 30th November raised £262.12 for the Church Missions Society. We also donated £100 each to Hope House Children’s Hospices and Midlands Air Ambulance.

Jan 29

The Big Lent Lunch – Sat 17th Feb

Saturday February 17th
12.30 – 2pm
Ashford Carbonel Village Hall
Please do come along and enjoy meeting friends, neighbours
and visitors over a simple lunch of homemade soup
with crusty bread,
followed by coffee and biscuits
(Baked beans on toast for children will be available)
Everyone is welcome
Participants are invited to make a donation which this year will be split
between Christian Aid and Ashford Carbonel Church.

Jan 29

St Mary Magdalene – Easter

Easter Sunday Church Service – 9.30am Sunday April 1st

Please note that the collection taken at this service will, as usual, go to The College of St Barnabas. If you would like to make a donation, please put it into a yellow envelope. Please make cheques payable to “the College of St Barnabas”. If you feel you could Gift Aid your donation, so much the better, just fill in your details on the envelope. There are yellow envelopes on the shelves of all the pews.The weekly blue envelopes will not be affected and will go to church funds as normal.

The college of St Barnabas, in Surrey is a home for elderly, infirm, vulnerable or poor Anglicans, whatever their means. They are not necessarily clergy, but could be married to priests, or have given distinguished service in lay ministries. There are 28 residents and their average age is over 85, so their needs are greater and more complex. There is a growing need for St Barnabas’ services because we have an aging clergy, many of whom do not have a property to sell at retirement or do not have an adequate pension to keep a roof over their heads. If you would like further information about St Barnabas, they have a website:

Dec 20

Remembrance Sunday 2017

On a bright and sunny though chilly morning residents of Ashford Carbonel congregated around the War Memorial outside the Village Hall at 10.45am for the annual Service of Remembrance. A collection was made for the British Legion Poppy Appeal after which coffee and home-made biscuits were served in the Village Hall.
In the hall was a display of military memorabilia from WW1 to today, which everyone who attended found extremely interesting. Many thanks to Dave Froggatt for providing the display and to Ishbel Yellowley for providing the coffee and biscuits and David Brundrett for his efforts with the washing up.


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