April 2019

Summer is definitely on its way. A bright and sunny afternoon, although a little chilly in the Spring breeze. Just right for a little crafting and friendly chatter.
Show and Tell had us all drooling over two modular style cushions knitted in variegated yarn in hues of greys and lilac, such a soothing blend of colours; a hand pieced lap quilt with a wow factor was much admired. Hand stitched triangles in shades of green were embellished along the seam lines with hand and machine embroidery, all contained within a double border of toning fabric. Lovely!
Knitting and stitching were both included in the craft work underway today. Instruction was being given to help the creation of a sample of modular knitting which would help inform a future piece of work. Needle punching was a technique new to everyone so we were all intrigued to see how it was done. It’s a technique which would be useful to use should you wish to add texture to embroidery or tapestry work. A lovely palette of colour was being used for embroidery work which included the making of hand embroidered greeting cards. Pattern drafting from an old garment was making good use of the long tables, using sheets of brown wrapping paper to create the pattern. Sewing skills were in evidence in the alteration and adjustment of garments to fit. New garments nearly always need tweaking to give a good and comfortable fit, especially in the hemline of trousers.
Now’s the time to start looking out our warmer weather clothes. Maybe something needs a little adjusting, an odd stitch or two in the hem or a bit of repair work along the seam. And what about that loose button? Don’t push things to the back of the wardrobe. Bring them along and breathe new life into them!
Help is at hand to guide you through any project.
Next meeting: Monday 20 May 2019 (3rd Monday)
2–4pm at Ashford Carbonel village hall. Everyone welcome.
Janice Forsyth 831437