Jan 29

St Mary Magdalene – Easter

Easter Sunday Church Service – 9.30am Sunday April 1st

Please note that the collection taken at this service will, as usual, go to The College of St Barnabas. If you would like to make a donation, please put it into a yellow envelope. Please make cheques payable to “the College of St Barnabas”. If you feel you could Gift Aid your donation, so much the better, just fill in your details on the envelope. There are yellow envelopes on the shelves of all the pews.The weekly blue envelopes will not be affected and will go to church funds as normal.

The college of St Barnabas, in Surrey is a home for elderly, infirm, vulnerable or poor Anglicans, whatever their means. They are not necessarily clergy, but could be married to priests, or have given distinguished service in lay ministries. There are 28 residents and their average age is over 85, so their needs are greater and more complex. There is a growing need for St Barnabas’ services because we have an aging clergy, many of whom do not have a property to sell at retirement or do not have an adequate pension to keep a roof over their heads. If you would like further information about St Barnabas, they have a website: