Shropshire Historic Ride and Stride 2018

This event seems rather along time ago …I am very thankful that the weather was not as it has been for the past couple of days …I did however get very wet twice !
All is nearly gathered in and I am SO grateful of all those who supported me for this annual event and when all is collected I hope to hand over nearly £400.00.
As usual I set out at 10:00am and pedalled to as many churches as I could during the next 8 hours …mainly in Shropshire but veering in and out of the borders around the Tenbury area. In all I visited 21 churches, travelling 63 miles, with no after effects, as next morning as I cycled to Church !!
As you know half of the money raised will stay here for our Church of St. Mary Magdalene and half will go to the trust to support other churches. Our church was manned all day to welcome other cyclists with a drink and a biscuit, and my thanks go to them for sitting there for so long.
Editors comment: On behalf of the whole village, I’m sure, may I say congratulations to Susannah for all her hard work. Cycling 63 miles around these lanes and hills deserves a medal.