October 2018

The Knit & Stitch craft group will soon be restarting after its summer break. Hasn’t it been a lovely summer? There has been plenty of time to get into the garden, go on lovely little trips out and do some summer stitching. So much easier on the eyes when the light is good and colours are clear. For me, the long summer days have lent themselves to the odd project or two. I’ve experimented with doing a bit of fabric dyeing and printing in the garden. Much less messy than doing it in the kitchen!
Now’s the time to start thinking about those unfinished projects which may be lurking in your cupboard or hiding in the bottom of your sewing/knitting bag. Autumn is the ideal time to dust them off and get them finished. Maybe they need re-vamping, re-sizing or just need to have some new life put into them. If you no longer want or need the item, then how about finishing it for charity, or as a Christmas gift? If you haven’t anything ‘on the go’ then the time’s right to think about something you’d like to make.
Help will be at hand to guide you through any project. Between us we have lots of skills and expertise which we are happy to share. There are a couple of sewing machines we can use and I am putting together a box of ideas for charity makes, so there will be something for knitters and stitchers who do not have their own projects.
Next meeting: Monday 15 October 2–4pm at Ashford Carbonel village hall.
If you can, please bring along anything you’ve made and share it at our Show & Tell session. It would be lovely to see what you’ve been up to.
Everyone welcome.
Janice Forsyth