Nov 18

Norman Johnson. Died 27 September

I would like to thank all the wonderful neighbours and friends in Ashford Carbonel who supported me so kindly and helpfully during what has been a traumatic and stressful year.  Norman first went into hospital in early April, remained there for two months, and was then in and out and, finally, confined to the house until his death.

We moved to Ashford Carbonel from Portsmouth, where Norman worked as a Professor, in 2003.

Previously, we had lived at Keele University, where Norman was a Reader in Social Policy, for 26 years and frequently came to this area for holidays.  We also lived in Italy, where Norman pursued research into his great interest: voluntary organisations, and Baltimore, where he was a Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins University.  After his retirement, he spent some time in Japan where he was a consultant at a university in Osaka. He was working on a book being published there right up to the time of his death.


Norman was born in Liverpool, where his father was a dock labourer and his mother checked football coupons for Littlewood’s.  He was strongly influenced all his life by his background and, on a recent visit, was delighted at the regeneration of the waterfront.


I will always have fond memories of our life in Ashford Carbonel: the Bowls Club; the garden and the beautiful oak trees visible from our sitting-room; events at the Village Hall; always someone to chat to when walking the lanes and paths of the village.

Thank you all.    Ruth