Nov 27

News from St Andrew’s Ashford Bowdler

Our Christmas services will be as follows:
Holy Communion on Christmas Day will be at the usual time of 11.15 and then, also as usual, our Carol Service will be on the following Sunday (1st January) at 3pm (replacing Matins on that day). Please join us for either or both of these services if you can, and bring any guests you may have staying with you.
The Churchwarden and other members of the PCC wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

St Andrew’s porch – Food Bank Box
During the summer months of August and September, so many items have been gifted, that the large box completely overflowed twice! My thanks to all who contributed and especially to Lucy and Stephen Treasure for their kind help in delivering all the goodies to the Food Center.
In October I was very grateful to Alison Coggon, who first checked that our Harvest fruit and vegetables were acceptable and then collected it all together and delivered that to the Food Center.
Now with Christmas approaching, items fitting and cheering for the festive season would be so very welcome, not only things which are thought to be the bare necessities of life, but also could be thought of as extravagancies – fruit, nuts, mince pies and even crackers. Reminders for some of better days!
Margaret Small