March 2018

The new style of cafe seating we trialled for our meetings has proved a great success. Chris, our president, had to give her gavel a few heavy bangs before she could bring us all to order and welcome members to the March meeting. Our talented group of ‘Show’ ladies are gluttons for punishment as they are again entering both the Shrewsbury Flower Show, where the chosen category is Hobbies, and the Burwarton Show where they have to produce a Story Sack. Although the category is set, it is up to the group to use their skill, imagination and artistry to produce and stage their entry in a way that will catch the judges eye. Caynham Ashford have done very well in the past and I’m sure this year will be no exception. Ann and Sue are getting the outings sorted and trying to accommodate everybody. There are various possibilities in the pipeline including a visit to BBC Birmingham and a trip to St Fagans. Nine of us went to the cinema to see Phantom Thread, we all enjoyed the evening but left the cinema somewhat bemused. The April film choice is Finding Your Feet which I think we will find a little more light hearted. Our Plastic Soup Warriors have held another meeting and produced a flyer for members with a few thought provoking facts on man made materials and some tips on how to minimise microplastic fibre release when washing our clothes. Continuing with this Eco Friendly theme our speaker for the evening was Alice Evans who with her husband Ian have run The Broad Bean in Ludlow for just over two years. The Broad Bean has previously been known as a Wholefood Shop but Alice and Ian are continually working to expand the business by supplying a very wide range of products, plus delicious delicatessen foods. They are working very hard to source products, wherever possible, that have recyclable packaging and encourage you to take your own containers to be refilled. It is certainly a step forward when we see how much plastic is used in the packaging of our weekly supermarket shop. It has also been reported that more people are going back to having their milk delivered by the milkman thus eliminating plastic bottles and reverting to glass. The vote of thanks was given by Betty Meredith. Our next meeting is at Ashford on the 11th April and the speaker is Simon Martin on Storytelling. The competition is a poem, a verse or a short story. Everybody welcome. Sandra Warner