Mar 16

Mar 17 – St Mary Magdalene

Between April and September this year, while the church is being refurbished there will be no Sunday services. However on April 9th, the Family Service will be held in the Village Hall, starting with a procession from the church door at 9.30 to celebrate Palm Sunday. On April 16th, there will be Family Service in the Village Hall starting at 9.30 to celebrate Easter Sunday. From May onwards there will be a Family Service on the first Sunday of the month, in the Village Hall, starting at 9.30.
On other Sundays all the other churches in the Benefice will welcome worshipers from Ashford Carbonel, but any monies given in their envelopes will obviously go to them.
Therefore to ensure that St Mary Magdalene carries on receiving its donations, if it is possible for you to do so, please set up a direct debit with your bank for the six months the church is likely to be shut. It can easily be cancelled once the church is re-opened and the yellow envelopes are available again. Direct debit forms may be obtained from Jane Hall 872100.
For those of you who give your donations by blue envelope, please carry on doing so by handing them to Lynda Tilt or Peter Stretton.
Although we have been given a sum of money to help with the restoration from the Lottery fund, we still need to put in a proportion ourselves, so we need all the money we can get. Anyone who is not a regular church-goer, but who would like to help to keep our beautiful church running, can also ask for a direct debit form from Jane Hall as above.