Oct 27

Knit & Stitch Oct 2016

Our October meeting was well attended with people having returned from their late summer break. It was also good to welcome a new member.
Show and tell included some lovely lavender owls which had been completed since our last meeting. Work being undertaken again was varied, showing the range of skills and techniques covered within the group. Stitching was very much in evidence with cross stitch, tapestry work and gold work being undertaken. This was the first time that a piece of gold work was being stitched within the group and it was lovely to see the technique used. Couching is an underused stitch in embroidery but it comes into its own in gold work. Paperwork examples and books were brought in to share within the group. A few members working together cracked the technique of paper folding to make a little booklet.
The Kilt pin brooch workshop proved very popular. A number of lovely brooches were created using an assortment of felt, buttons, ribbons, beads and a little embroidery for embellishment.
Although most of the workshops cover an aspect of knitting or stitching we do deviate and cover other crafts as well from time to time. Next month the workshop will give the opportunity for trying your hand at glass painting. Bring a small glass jar to paint a night light holder.
All are welcome. We are a friendly group happy to share our skills and interests with others. Bring your own project, in any craft or join in the workshop of the month.
Next meeting: 2pm Monday 21 November (3rd Monday)
Workshop: Glass painting (bring a small glass jar)
Janice Forsyth 831437