June 2018

Chris opened the meeting and said how lovely it was to see so many members present. For the evening we changed the usual format so that our speaker Sandy Cale could start the proceedings with her talk on Elegant Georgian Worcester. Sally played the part and wore an elegant costume including a very fetching bonnet. As well as giving talks she is also a tour guide for Worcester Walks and told us that on one occasion, whilst wearing her outfit and leading a tour through the city, an old gentleman, in a thick Worcester accent, commented that one of her sheep was missing, obviously he had mistaken her for Little Bo Peep rather than Elizabeth Bennett! Her presentation was accompanied by excellent slides, snippets of history, and stories of Worcester past. Sally is very proud of her heritage, and her humour, knowledge and enthusiasm made for a really enjoyable talk. After refreshments we got on with the business of the evening. Details were given for both Summer outings to Jackfield Tile Museum in Ironbridge and also The Royal Mint. It was very interesting and reassuring to hear that 88 new WIs were set up last year and there are now 222,000 members. 2018 is Caynham Ashford’s 95th anniversary year so it was decided that if all members each embellished three triangles of fabric they could then all be strung together, (the fabric, not the members), and used later in the year to provide bunting for our birthday celebration, this would then be a real group effort…..just to say that NOBODY was allowed to leave the meeting without picking up their ‘homework’. Five of our members went to the NFWI Annual Meeting in Cardiff where they all had a thoroughly enjoyable day. The Resolution ‘Mental Health Matters’ was passed with 98% of the vote. A report of the proceedings was read out at our meeting.
Our next meeting is on 11th July in Caynham and the speaker will be David Hart who will tell us about the Air Ambulance. The competition is to bring a piece of medical equipment most often used. Should you wish to come along and join us you would be made most welcome.