June 2017

President Chris King welcomed members to the June meeting. After the business of the
evening was dealt with she thanked everybody for supporting the Caynham Plant Sale which
raised £480.
As Caynham Ashford are hosting the June Evening Ramble details were discussed, the catering
arrangements sorted and clarification of who was providing what was confirmed. There will be a lovely
selection of sandwiches, scones and cake which I’m sure will be appreciated by the 38 walkers on their
return to base after the walk. The weather is looking good at the moment so lets keep our fingers crossed.
Cath Corfield gave us a full and humorous report of the Annual Meeting in Shrewsbury. As it was
Cath’s first experience representing Caynham Ashford WI she did a sterling job and told us how much she
had enjoyed the day and how proud she was to be our delegate. Thank you Cath, but be careful, you might
have the job for years to come!
The subject of the evening talk was ‘Spring Flowers’, the speaker was our president, Chris King. Chris
has been interested in plants, flowers and flower arranging from an early age. She effortlessly created the
most beautiful display using flowers and foliage from her own garden. I think when someone speaks of flower
arranging it conjures up the thought of rather rigid creations, but as trends have changed, and with the
incorporation of seed heads, grasses and ornamental leaves, the displays have now become a lot more
informal and interesting. I’m sure you can learn flower arranging by practising and following numerous
principles, but I think you need a natural and artistic flair and Chris most certainly has that. We also had a
brief demonstration by Jo Hall and Chris of Flower Pounding and Flower Trapping, introduced to them on a
course they attended at West hope College. It really was very interesting and involved a lot of hammering
and banging but the results were lovely. Glynnis gave the vote of thanks.
After the success of last year’s trip to Stratford, eleven of our members decided on a return visit for a
few days. They went to see the new production of Antony and Cleopatra playing at The Royal Shakespeare
Theatre. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed it, the venue was very atmospheric and it was an
experience not to be missed. They all had a lovely meal in the RSC restaurant overlooking the river. Despite
the terrible weather, the ladies made the most of their time, sharing good food and drink, super company
and plenty of laughs with their WI friends, what could be better. Quite appropriate really as the current copy
of WI Life is ‘The Friendship Issue’.
Our July meeting is a Treasure Hunt. As the route is planned around the local countryside let’s just
hope we all arrive back in the right place at the right time.