February 2019

Here we are at the start of a new year – where did the last year go to?! Time seems to fly when you’ve lots to keep yourself busy. The January sales are a good time to stock up with materials and resources for next Christmas, even if you don’t know yet what gifts you are going to make! Standard ‘store cupboard’ resources are always a good buy, especially as prices always seem to be on the rise. Sewing machine needles should be changed regularly, so these are always on my ‘sale’ list along with good quality thread. Doughty’s of Hereford is a must visit place for fabric and now that all their fabrics are under one roof I will soon be making a visit looking for inspiration for those Spring and Summer makes.
Show and Tell had plenty of knitted clothes for toddlers. Easy to do with feet up, watching the Xmas TV and films. The beauty of knitting for babies and toddlers is that the garments can be knitted quickly and don’t take too much yarn. Some of the items shown had been knitted from yarns left over from other projects. A bit of creative adjusting gave old patterns a new look. A modular knitted cardigan was intriguing some, so we will take a closer look at modular (or domino knitting as it is sometimes called) in one of our future meetings. Paper quilled characters, including some lovely owls were amazing; knitted little Xmas trees had been completed and were ready to pack away for next Xmas. A lovely covered diary, received as a gift, was much admired and provided inspiration for mak-ing covered notebooks.
Craft work underway today included 7 yarn braiding in the round, producing very pretty, colourful cord; sewing a practical cover for a kitchen gadget; knitting various items from small pieces to full garments. The sewing machine was also in use as one member took on the job of replacing a zip in her husband’s corduroy trousers.
Help is at hand to guide you through any project.
There is a file available with ideas for charity makes for knitters and stitchers who would like to make something but who do not have their own projects.
Next meeting: Monday 18 February 2019 (3rd Monday) 2–4pm at Ashford Carbonel village hall.
Everyone welcome.