Caynham Ashford WI October 2017

Chris welcomed members to the October meeting in Caynham and said how nice it was to have three guests, Kay, Lyn and Sandra joining us for the evening.
The speaker for the evening was John Swift. John is a fifth generation baker and proud to carry on the family tradition started by his great, great, great aunt Harriet in 1863. John was one of the four bakers selected from a thousand entries to appear on the BBC television series Victorian Bakers. He told us how authentic the filming was, enduring long hours with very little sleep, eating a Victorian diet, wearing Victorian clothes and being denied any modern 21st century comforts such as television, computers or telephones for the duration of the filming. They had to bake bread using the equipment and technology of the day. No mixing machine, coal and wood fired oven with no thermometer to help set the oven temperature. It was so arduous John lost two stone whilst filming. It really was very interesting, not only the appalling working conditions but also the way the programme was produced and presented.
The Group Meeting at Knowbury was very well attended and proved to be a very enjoyable evening. The speaker, Colin Richards, gave a very interesting talk about Conserving the Saxon Villages of Transylvania. The competition was ‘Decorating Eggs’ and was won by Caynham Ashford with a quaint model of a Saxon Village. As usual there was a delightful supper and an enjoyable evening was had by all.
How lucky we are to have had the above two local television ‘celebrities’.
Ten of our members have gone to the Manor House Hotel in Devon for a few days. The hotel offers an extensive programme catering for beginners and enthusiasts in a huge variety of various activities and crafts, so much so that there were great deliberations as what to sign up for. Here’s hoping they don’t choose anything too strenuous and they all come back in one piece. I’m sure they will have a fabulous time, sample the local food and drink, especially the cream teas, have plenty of laughs and keep us entertained with amusing stories to on their return.
Our next meeting is our Annual Meeting on 8th November.                      SMW