Caynham Ashford WI May 2017

Chris welcomed everyone to Caynham for our May meeting and said how lovely it was that Anne, Jo and Chris were able to join us. A special welcome to ex member Bette, who, whilst on a few days break with Jenny came to say hello to us all and stay for the meeting.

There was quite a lot of business to attend to including the positioning of the Bee Boxes, organising the Summer Evening Ramble, various interesting outings, and our voting on the two resolutions that are to be taken forward to the June Annual Meeting in Liverpool.

After such a successful Stratford trip in 2016 some members decided they would like a return visit. It is a bit more upmarket this year as the accommodation is in an hotel (not the Youth Hostel) and tickets have been booked to see the new production of Antony and Cleopatra. I’m sure they will have a fabulous time and have plenty to report on their return.

Our speaker for the evening was Marion Stainton who gave us a talk on Murder, Magic and Plant Potions. Marion mentioned well known drugs like taxol which is made from certain types of yew needles and atropine from deadly nightshade. In times past many more plants were believed to have healing properties but unfortunately, when administered without any beneficial proof, and the quantities left to guesswork, it was certainly a case of kill or cure. It was a most interesting and enlightening presentation. The vote of thanks was given by Dori Ericsson.
The Flower of the month table was absolutely full of the most beautiful entries, various colours of peony blooms, different types of clematis, there were alliums and viburnum. In keeping with the evening’s theme the competition was a murder weapon and what an imaginative collection of items were presented, a meat cleaver, bottle of iodine, a bunch of hemlock, scissors, a bull’s head can opener, a knobkerrie and last but not least a poor doll who was swinging from the rafters suspended by a noose. I think the message of the evening was don’t mess with the Caynham Ashford girls!

On a much lighter note next month’s meeting will be in Ashford on 14th June and our president, Chris King, will be giving us a talk and arrangement display on ‘Summer Flowers’. You are always very welcome to come and join us.